The End of the unprofitable Art?

EU Parliament votes on report on the situation of artists and the EU’s cultural recovery

Strasbourg, 19.10.2021. Poor artists have always existed – Mozart, Vivaldi, Kafka, they all died poor. How precarious the situation really is for many artists and cultural operators only became really clear with the Corona pandemic. This is why the European Parliament adopted the report on the situation of artists and cultural recovery in the EU.

Manuela Ripa (ÖDP): “With this, we are kicking off the long overdue reformation of the cultural sector. It is the duty of the EU Commission and the Member States to improve working conditions in the cultural sector and to ensure stronger protection of artistic freedom.”

Live shows were cancelled or postponed indefinitely; galleries, museums and other cultural institutions closed. Even as other sectors reopened, the cultural and creative industries continued to be severely affected by social distancing measures and Covid-19 security requirements.

The Culture and Education Committee’s report now provides the basis of long-awaited help for the creative industries. In addition to taking stock of the impact of the Corona crisis, the report presents ways to address the various challenges.

“Particularly important is an EU-wide framework for the hitherto precarious working conditions and more social security. It must not be the case that artists and freelance cultural workers fall out of the social system when there is a crisis and no one feels responsible for them,” Manuela Ripa emphasises. Better working conditions include, for example, the simplification of cross-border mobility for artists.

Other concrete demands of the report are the comprehensive definition of the term artist as well as stronger protection of artistic freedom and freedom of expression. Culture also deserves a reminder of its special value to society as a whole and the need for adequate, continuous financial and structural support.

“The help of the Member States and the Commission is crucial for the recovery of the sector – art, culture and artists deserve clear guidelines and the protection of the European Union,” comments MEP Ripa.


Photo Credit: Dawn Lio, Pexels