Statement on today’s vote on the EU emissions trading system in the plenary vote

(Strasbourg/08.06.2022) Today the European Parliament has sent a strong signal towards more ambitious climate protection. The Christian Democrats, liberals and right-wing parties tried to weaken the climate goals of the EU emissions trading system by not wanting to significantly reduce the greenhouse gas emissions in the next years. But this would have been paramount to keep the 1.5-degree goal in reach. Thanks in particular to the clear and consequent vote of my Group the Greens/EFA and the Socialist Group, this was avoided.  The entire proposal was rejected and referred back to committee, where it has to be reconsidered. Since the climate social fund and the CO2 border adjustment mechanism are closely interlinked to the European emissions trading system, the votes on those two proposals were postponed. This gives us the opportunity to start a new attempt and to stand together for real climate protection in the next vote on the EU emissions trading system.