Statement on the agreement on CBAM

On the agreement Manuela Ripa, shadow rapporteur for Greens/EFA for a Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism comments on the agreement on CBAM:

It is good that the agreement on CBAM foresees an end of the allocation of the EU-ETS free allowances in 2032, as these certificates ultimately failed to effectively advance the decarbonisation of EU-industry.

Although the agreement means that free allowances will now expire 2 years later than was called for in the ENVI-Committee deal, this is still better than the original Commission’s proposal, which had foreseen the end of free allowances only in 2035.

It was maintained that CBAM that the sectoral scope will be the same as the ETS one by 2030 – just as we demanded. Yet, the agreement contains softening in the area of export rebates, where free allocation is to remain possible and the scope. More would have been possible.

Overall, we need CBAM as a strong instrument for the turnaround in industrial policy at global level towards carbon-free, sustainable technologies.”