Glyphosate Ban: We need your help!

The European Commission and the EU Member States are currently in the process of deciding to extend the approval of glyphosate for a further 15 years behind closed doors.

We have to prevent that!

Glyphosate is a pesticide for weed destruction that has a devastating effect on biodiversity: It kills almost everything! In addition, it is dangerous for humans, as it is most likely highly carcinogenic. In the USA, the manufacturer Bayer-Monsanto has been sued several times by citizens. In Europe, glyphosate is not only widely used in agriculture, but also in urban green spaces. Weeds can also be combated with much less harmful pesticides!

Five years ago, the pesticide should already be banned in the EU, but through the independent approval of the then CSU Federal Agriculture Minister Christian Schmidt in the Council of Agriculture Ministers, the EU member states continued to approve glyphosate.

This year, the European Commission has started a new approval process. Millions of Europeans advocate a definitive ban on glyphosate in the EU – but the Commission and the EU Council of Ministers seem to want to ignore this again.

That is why my group in the European Parliament has launched a petition for a complete ban on glyphosate. Please also sign this petition to save our biodiversity.

By the way: A ban on glyphosate would also be an important step to better protect our soils. In the coming months, as the shadow rapporteur of the Green Group, I will negotiate a new directive on soil health. More on that soon.

Sign our Petition here: