Ripa: “Violence against women and domestic violence are widespread and affect an estimated one in three women in the EU!”

(Brussels, 25/11/2022) In March of this year, the European Commission published its proposal to introduce EU-wide rules to combat violence against women and domestic violence. This proposal intends to criminalize certain forms of violence in which women are disproportionately affected, to be criminalized. These include rape due to lack of consent, female genital mutilation, and cyber violence (i.e., non-consensual sharing of intimate images, agitation to violence or hatred on the Internet, etc.). Another important element of the proposal is a call to strengthen the rights of victims on privacy in legal proceedings and to give them the right to compensation.

This is the first EU-wide legislation to address violence against women and domestic violence. Violence against women has no place in the EU! This is why I am committed to preventing, combating, and criminalizing all forms of gender-based violence and harassment – whether at home, online, or on the street!