MEP Manuela Ripa (ÖDP) calls for a rapid move towards a resource-efficient circular economy

MEP Manuela Ripa (ÖDP) calls for a rapid move towards a resource-efficient circular economy

(Strasbourg/08.04.2022) In the European Parliament in Strasbourg, the resolution for a “right to repair” was adopted by a large majority of MEPs, including Manuela Ripa. The measures called for aim to encourage consumers to use products for longer by making it easier for them than today to have defective goods repaired and by extending the offer to buy used and reconditioned products. Measures could range from an obligation to provide a replacement item during the repair period for certain products to extended guarantees and incentives for those consumers who choose to repair an item.

Ripa is convinced: “The EU must become a leader in the circular economy. The right to repair and, in particular, the development of durable products are key components of this. In times of resource scarcity, resources must be used as well and efficiently as possible. We must finally move away from the resource-intensive throwaway society to a resource-efficient circular economy society!”

The resolution also urges more sustainable public procurement as well as guidelines for responsible marketing and advertising. The resolution also calls for new rules for waste management in general and the removal of legal barriers that could prevent the repair, resale and reuse of products.

Repairing products and using them for longer periods of time not only benefits consumers, but also helps the climate. To achieve this, we need to start with product design. Manufacturers should design devices in such a way that individual parts can be replaced easily and without further damage to the product. In addition, spare parts must be available at a reasonable price and for a long period of time.

“Around 80% of EU citizens want to have their products repaired and they must finally be given the opportunity to do so without any problems,” Ripa continues. “Consumers should also have more power when shopping through information on durability and repair options.”

The politician is convinced that this resolution is extremely important for more sustainability. “With our vote today we have now shown the Commission that we need and want an ambitious law,” concludes the MEP.