About Saarland

The Saarland is an open-minded and modern, but also nature-loving state in the heart of Europe. It is located in west Germany, next to the border to Luxembourg and France, Belgium is also not far away.

A European spirit grew not only through Franco-German history but also through the cross-border attitude and the daily exchange with our neighbors. Although a third of the Saarland is covered with forests, the economy also plays an important role:

Opportunities for sustainable structural change.

In Saarland, we are proud of our long tradition in the steel industry.
A centuries-old industry that moves with the times:
In 2020, the Dillinger Hütte (founded in 1809) put Germany’s first hydrogen-based steel production plant into operation. I support the expansion of hydrogen technology in Saarland and other regions of Europe.

Dillinger Hut in Saarland

My service to the Saarland

Since 2011 I have served as a policy officer for the Representation of the Saarland in Brussels. I work on the following topics: environment, agriculture, energy, health and regional policy.

I have been representing the Ökologisch-Demokratische Partei in the EU Parliament since July 16th, 2020, and am currently the only EU politician from Saarland.

Dillinger Hut in Saarland