My goals in the EU Parliament

For me, Europe is a concept that needs to be preserved. The whisper of a new nationalism worries me and was an important factor in my decision to engage in politics and to run for the European Parliament. The main reason for my involvement in the ÖDP is the holistic basic program of this particular party. It is the only political group that does not accept industry or corporate donations. As a result, the Ökologisch-Demokratische Partei may be small, but it enables us with a clear conscience to design policy which is consumer-oriented  and which concerns e.g. the environment and animal welfare.

My positions

With the birth of my two children it became clear to me that we must stop wasting time in the fight for our climate.

This requires a rethink in our way of living, e.g. using less plastic. The industry needs legal requirements, because politicians, especially in Germany, have relied on voluntary action for far too long when it comes to our health protection, animal welfare, and environmental protection. We need stricter limit values and, where this is not immediately possible, better certification.


The fact that millions of schoolchildren around the world are fighting for climate protection is a clear sign of their lack of trust in current politics. That is why we are called upon to act for the future of our children. Now!

Protection of species

In Germany, 35 percent of native animal species and 26 percent of plant species are endangered. Scientists have found that up to 130 species of animals and plants become extinct worldwide every day. I am committed to the protection of species and fight against the causes of extinction such as soil sealing.

EU label - animal welfare

End to factory farming

We urgently need a systemic shift – away from factory farming towards less and healthy meat consumption. I propose a EU-binding meat certificate that also contains images of farming conditions.

Consumers should be able to see at first sight that they could harm the environment and themselves with a product.

Consumer protection and environmental toxins

Environmental toxins in our products must be banned. Until then all consumers need to be able to see what the product they buy is made of. An example of this is liquid plastic in shampoos, shower gels, and creams.

The consumer should be able to see at first sight that he could harm the environment and himself with this product.

Climate protection / decarbonisation of the economy

The fact that millions of especially young citizens around the world are fighting for climate protection is a clear sign of their distrust in current politics. I am actively committed to climate protection and the decarbonization of the economy. I am committed to ensuring that sustainable hydrogen and the expansion of renewable energies can be used in industry to produce emission-free steel, as should be the case in Saarland.