MEP Manuela Ripa (ÖDP) draws attention to the dramatic situation of animal shelters

(Saarbrücken/25.08.2022) MEP Manuela Ripa of the Ecological Democratic Party (ÖDP) is concerned about reports of overcrowded animal shelters and the suffering they cause to animals. Apparently, many people have decided to get a pet during the pandemic, but they are now overwhelmed with care for them. In addition, the return from the home office to the office ensures that people have less time for their new housemates. According to the German Animal Welfare Association, the situation is worsened due to the vacation season, which has always been a sad peak season for animal shelters. Manuela Ripa, therefore, calls on people not to get a pet impulsively, but to consider this decision carefully. In addition, the MEP notes: “Moreover, the worsening inflation brings additional costs that also make many pet owners financially overwhelmed. Not only there are rising costs of animal food but in addition, there are also often high veterinary costs, if the animal falls ill or has an accident.”

Like all other goods, animal food products are also affected by massive price increases. The ÖDP politician, therefore, calls on people to make a precise calculation before getting an animal. It is important to think of long-term financing from the beginning in order to avoid the painful separation afterward. Moreover, if one nevertheless decides to acquire a domestic animal, they should adopt one from an animal shelter, since they are at their limits as many thoughtless owners of impulsively acquired animals leave their pets there.

This creates an emergency in animal shelters. Many shelters have additional costs and no more free capacities for new animals. As the number of abandoned pets increases, quite a few animals die if they are not found in time. The MEP, therefore, calls on politicians to support animal shelters more – also financially. “Just like private pet owners, animal shelters are also affected by the increasing inflation as they have to pay for energy, water, and food costs. At the same time, the donation incomes sink, because people have less money at disposal. Therefore, I call the politicians to create a well-equipped special fund, with whose assistance the animal shelters can carry the massively risen costs”, concludes Manuela Ripa.