Manuela Ripa

A Saarländerin in the

European Parliament

Manuela Ripa

A Saarlander in the EU Parliament


Politics is not everything,
but without politics a lot is nothing.

17. February 2021

This article is unfortunately only available in German. Beim ersten klimapolitischen Aschermittwoch in Saarbrücken steht der Schutz unserer Böden im Fokus: „Ohne Boden ist Leben unmöglich: Lebensmittelsicherheit, Klimaschutz und Erhalt der Biodiversität sind ohne gesunde Böden nicht vorstellbar!“ sagt Manuela Ripa, EU-Abgeordnete der Ökologisch-Demokratischen Partei (ÖDP).

17. February 2021

This article is unfortunately only available in German. Diese Woche hat das Bundeskabinett auf Vorschlag von Bundesumweltministerin Svenja Schulze ein Gesetz und eine Verordnung zum Insektenschutz und Glyphosat-Ausstieg auf den Weg gebracht. Der erste Schritt, aber zu spät, findet Manuela Ripa.

12. February 2021

This article is unfortunately only available in German. In der Februar-Plenarwoche hat das EU-Parlament zwei wichtige Berichte für Klima und Nachhaltigkeit abgestimmt: Dem Aktionsplan für Kreislaufwirtschaft und die Verordnung zur Einrichtung der Aufbau- und Resilienzfazilität, dem Kernstück des insgesamt 750 Mrd. Euro schweren Aufbauplans „Next Generation EU“. Manuela Ripa, EU-Abgeordnete der Ökologisch-Demokratischen Partei (ÖDP), kommentiert die Abstimmungen.

4. February 2021

This article is unfortunately only available in German. Vor dem heutigen Weltkrebstag (4. Februar) hat die EU Kommission den europäischen Plan zur Krebsbekämpfung veröffentlicht mit einem klaren Einsatz für eine bessere Krebsprävention in Europa. Das kann jedoch nur der Anfang sein.

What I fight for
and what drives me:

Nice to see you here! My name is Manuela Ripa and since July 16th 2020 I have been fighting in Brussels for a more ecological and sustainable Europe.

As the only EU politician from the German state of Saarland and representative of the Ökologisch-Demokratische Partei (Ecological Democratic Party), I am mainly committed to environmental and climate protection as well as animal welfare and consumer protection.

Since I am the mother of two children, the future of our subsequent generations is particularly important to me.

More about me

A Saarland woman
in the EU Parliament

I was born and raised in Saarland: a German state in the border region of France, Germany, and Luxembourg.

The relevance of the European Union was just as important in my childhood as the closeness to nature, which I have always been deeply interested in and committed to.

These two topics were also the reason for my political commitment in the Ecological Democratic Party.

Our Saarland

My values
and positions:

Massentierhaltung Huhn, Schwein, Rind

End to factory farming

I am committed to better husbandry conditions in commercial animal farming. Animal products should be of high quality and not be seen as mass products.

More about factory farming

Artenschutz - Biene

Protection of species

Protecting diversity and saving species:

Many animal species in Germany and Europe, and in the oceans are threatened with extinction. I am committed to a sustainable European policy, and, as an ÖDP member, I initiated the European Citizens Initiative (ECI) Save bees. This ECI joint forces with the ECI Save bees and farmers.

More about protection of species

Klimaschutz Industrie dekarbonisierung CO2

Climate protection

Worldwide, millions of especially young citizens are taking to the streets to fight for climate protection.

I too am committed to a more ecological future, and I use my political positions to strengthen the interests of this and future generations.

More about climate protection

Consumer protection

As a new mum, I immediately rejected baby products labelled “according to EU regulation” because I knew that these limit values ​​couldn’t be trusted.

In my opinion, all consumers should be able to see what they are buying!

More about consumer protection

Petitions and
citizens' initiatives

One of the most important tools of the ÖDP are petitions and our proximity to citizens’ initiatives.

Although we are a relatively small party, we have already initiated several successful petitions and were able to directly influence the ruling coalitions.

For instance, with the support of almost 1.8 million citizens, we were able to oblige the Bavarian state government to do more for more species protection in south-east Germany.

Above all, our proximity to various citizens’ groups plays a major role in our petitions.

Our petitions

Against factory farming and for an EU-wide quality certificate!

Can you still keep up with the flood of different certificates on food packaging?

I am committed to an EU-wide quality certificate and would like to display pictures of the living conditions of the farming animals on the packaging.

More than 112,000 petition participants think this way and support the ÖDP in doing so.

More about the quality  certificate


Together with almost 1.8 million participants, we were able to call on the Bavarian state government to stop looking the other way, and to do more for biodiversity.

Together with various citizens’ initiatives and other supporters, we were able to run a successful campaign for a more ecological future.

More about Volksbegehren-Artenvielfalt